Hours: Fri & Sat 8am-7pm.  Sun, Mon & Thur 8am-2pm.  Closed Tue & Wed.  Freshly made Grab n Go items and bottled beverages are also available after hours.
Ordering: In-person, online, or call-ahead at (760) 251-2000.
Pickup: In person at the café, plenty of parking

Resort:  Please call (760) 251-2000


Azure resort & spa cafe
Azure Palm Cafe


Juice Bar

Super Green Juice | 7
Apples, cucumbers, greens and herbs in a healthy detox fresh juice blend packed with antioxidants and chlorophyll so you can drink your greens

Orange Immunity Juice | 7
Carrots, oranges, ginger and turmeric blended into a vitamin rich sweet and spicy nutrient-rich refreshing drink

Sugar Free Lemonade | 4
Fresh squeezed lemons, natural mineral water and stevia make a naturally sweet and sour refreshing beverage without any added sugar

Watermelon-Ade | 6
Watermelon, hibiscus and Himalayan pink salt blended into a hydrating beverage with natural vitamins, minerals and electrolytes

Coffee Bar

Organic Brewed Coffee | 3
12 oz of locally roasted brewed coffee with Azure Palm’s naturally alkaline mineral water for a mellow finish | 16oz 3.5  20oz 4

Organic Espresso | 2
1 shot of fair trade dark roast espresso pulled to order; beans are fair trade and sourced from sustainable farms  | double 3

Caffe Latte | 4
1 shot of espresso with your choice of steamed milk and foam  | 16oz 4.5  20oz 5

Golden Milk Latte | 4.5
Coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and agave nectar steamed into a fortifying drink with plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory curcumin  | 16oz 5  20oz 5.5

Matcha Latte | 4.5
Matcha powder, oat milk and agave nectar whipped in a creamy and frothy blend with natural caffeine for an energy boost  | 16oz 5  20oz 5.5

Beer and Wine

CVB Hazy IPA | 8
Our local Coachella Valley Brewing Company’s Hazy IPA

Our local Coachella Valley Brewing Company’s Mexican lager

CVB Blonde | 8
Our local Coachella Valley Brewing Company’s blonde ale

Wine | 8

White| 6



Pesto Chicken | 14
Free range chicken breast on a Ciabatta roll with pesto, tomatoes, lettuce and Lionza cheese

Garden Delight | 9
Homemade feta spread over locally baked 9-grain wheat toasted bread with spinach, cucumbers, avocado, sprouts and sunflower seeds

Black Bean Burger | 10
Roasted peppers corn and black bean patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and our own special spread on a Ciabatta roll

Grass Fed Burger | 11
Lean and tender grass fed burger on a on a Ciabatta roll with lettuce, onion, tomatoes and our housemade special sauce

All sandwiches are served with your choice of taro root chips or a side salad


Green Goddess | 10
Crisp cucumbers, green beans, sprouts and avocado laid over a bed of organic spinach served house made green goddess dressing

Chicken Caesar | 14
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, with sliced free range chicken breast served with house made Caesar dressing

Beet Nicoise | 10
Organic greens, fingerling potatoes, red beets, green beans, kalamata olives and a hardboiled egg served with a champagne vinaigrette

Harvest Kale | 8
Sweet and crunchy kale with almonds, cranberries, parmesan cheese and green apples served with an almond orange vinaigrette

Add Avocado | 2

Add Free Range Chicken | 4

Add Seared Ahi Tuna Filet | 6

All salads available as a wrap | 2 addl

Flatbread Pizzas

Margherita | 9
Tomato sauce, Italian cheeses, fresh basil on a whole wheat crust

Mushroom | 10
Organic mushrooms, tomato sauce, San Joaquin Gold cheese on a whole wheat crust

BBQ Chicken | 11
Grilled free range chicken breast, smoky BBQ sauce, red onions and Italian cheeses on a whole wheat crust

Homemade Soups

Three Sisters Chili | 4
A vegetarian blend of sweet corn, black beans and Kobocha squash in a rich tomato sauce | bowl 6

Chicken and Rice | 6
A hearty soup with free range chicken breast, carrots, onions, celery, garlic and brown rice in a homemade chicken broth | bowl 8

Healthy Snacks

Hummus | 7
Organic homemade hummus from garbanzo beans soaked for 24 hours, grilled pita, carrots and celery

Heirloom Popcorn | 3
Organic heirloom popcorn, popped in olive oil, topped with thyme sea salt and black pepper.

Chips and Palm Dip | 6
Dill-infused hearts of palm dip served with taro chips


Keto Quiche | 6
Daily Quiche

Seasonal Cobbler | 6
Apples, chia seeds and homemade oat crumble

Chocolate Cake | 5
Wheat-free, rich chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream

Mesquite Cookie | 3
White chocolate, pistachio and cranberry cookies in a mesquite dough


Yogurt Parfait | 5
Low fat Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit and home made granola

Overnight Oats | 5
Rolled oats and chia seeds in almond milk served with fresh seasonal fruit and slivered almonds

Chia pudding | 5
Chia pudding with golden raisins and slivered almonds

Fresh fruit cup | 5
Fresh cut seasonal fruit

All grab and go items are available all day

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