Azure Palm Hot Springs offers 5 night and 6 day Yoga and Juice Fasting retreats by the popular Yesenia’s Vida Cleanse.  Please subscribe to our Vida Cleanse newsletter or call (760) 641-9385 for additional information.


Join us January 9th – 14th for a 6 day/5 night cleanse to renew
and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul!

Additional Retreat Dates
6 days / 5 nights

December 5th – 10th
January 9th – 14th
February 6th – 11th
March 6th – 11th (Sold Out)
April 3rd – 7th (Sold Out)

Juice fasting can be an amazing nourishing process to improve your health, clarity and sense of well-being. It can allow you to go deeper into cleansing your body breaking down waste and toxins to rejuvenate your body at a cellular level.

Cleansing is a great way to relieve stress in our body, mind, and spirit. It helps to balance us and free us from addictions. It’s a great way to heal from congestion, constipation, allergies, and many other diseases. It can also increase our consciousness and spirituality. And yes, you will lose weight. Periodic cleansing helps purify the liver, kidneys and blood and enhances mental clarity, inner peace, and energy.

Our retreats are designed so you are supported and guided based on your “own” pace and comfort level. Since everyone’s health is at a different place, we suggest that you take from our schedule what feels best for YOU.

Your retreat itinerary includes a wide array of healthy activities such as hiking, yoga, sound baths, and plenty of free time to relax by the pool and spas.

Cleansing is the natural process of eliminating toxins and waste from your body. In particular, toxic waste that has accumulated and is impacted in the large intestine. Detoxification is the powerful natural process that removes waste from your cells, organs and blood but when our bodies become so bogged down and toxic, we are no longer able to effectively detox naturally. When you do a comprehensive cleanse, you jump start the natural detox process in your body. Only your body can detox your body!

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At Yesenia’s Vida Cleanse, you will experience a complete cleanse. You will lose weight and kick start your body to begin the powerful detox changes within your body and you will gain all the tools you need to keep your body’s detox process healthy and strong after you leave.

You will be guided and supported so that eliminating solid food for several days will be easy. You will consume nourishing liquids, juice, teas along with a few supplements. You will lose weight, experience a new found clarity and you will have the tools to change your life. When you leave a Vida Cleanse retreat, you will be well on your way in the detox process. You will learn how to keep weight off and will have the emotional clarity and motivation to stay healthy!

To book your juice or cleansing retreat or for more information, call Yesenia at (760) 641-9385.

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